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Olympic Landscape Sculptures

© IOC/M. Fekete
31 July 2007

One hundred and ten small sculptures with a sporting and Olympic connotation are currently decorating the Olympic Museum’s Park, entrance, hall and terraces.

BOCOG’s Cultural Programme
These are part of a vast programme entitled the “Collected 2008 Olympic Games-themed Landscape Sculptures Contest”, which is being organised at the initiative of organisations such as the Beijing Games Organising Committee (BOCOG).

A vast project with Olympic dimensions
The first stage of the project was to collect “landscape sculptures” from around the globe. With the participation of 90 countries, 290 projects from the five continents were selected from a total of 2,433. The short-listed works were identified, then reproduced with the appropriate materials (bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) in order to be able to open several exhibitions simultaneously in China and abroad. The aim of this is to promote the activities linked to the Olympic Games and strengthen cultural links, thus showing the world a new cultural image of China.

The 110 works making the stop-off at the Olympic Museum until 20 August are part of the international tour and will then be put on display in Rome.