(BEIJING, May 31) –  The gala Awards Ceremony was held 31 May in Beijing to honor the winners of the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Contest.  International guests and dignitaries watched as gold medals were awarded to

Tian Ziang, Wen Zenghu, Tian Ziyang, CHINA, for “Eternal Flame”

Meng Dewu, CHINA, for “Making Concerted Effort”

Ye Zongming, CHINA, for “Platform Diving”

Antonis Myrodias, GREECE, for “Visioning 5 Nikes”

Zurab Tsereteli, RUSSIA, for “Colossus the Olympic”

Sculptor Ye Zhongming, who comes from earthquake-affected Sichuan, made a moving acceptance speech.  He described sculpture as the concentration of beaty and love, and stated that the most beautiful sculptures are in people’s hearts.  “Those who are sacrificing their lives at the epicenter of the earthquake and those who risked their lives to bring the Olympic flame to the top of Mount Qomolangma are beautiful in our hearts,” he said.

For photos and more about the ceremonies and awards, please visit this link of the website of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: