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(BEIJING, September 6) — Beijing 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Exhibition was held in the Olympic Sport Center in Rome from September 5, 2007.

This exhibition is part of the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Contest International Tour.

The exhibition delivers important information about the Olympics, which is the Olympics are borderless, belonging to all the cities and nations.

Secretary General of National Olympic Committee of Italy Mr. Raffaele Pagnozzi believed that this exhibition is a good opportunity for Italian people to get close to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

In the exhibition, 110 artistic works have various styles and are full of imagination, demonstrating the theme of peace, friendship, competition, harmony and progress.

29 best works will be selected out to situate in Beijing permanently as part of Olympic Landscape to witness the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

(ROME , Sept.5)  –  Once held in 1960 in the 17th Summer Olympic Games in the Olympic Sports Center of Rome, September 5 am to meet the 2008 Beijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture Exhibition.

In the first news conference, Italian-Chinese Friendship Association President Ms. Mancini introduced to the guests the purpose and significance of the exhibition. She said that all the world’s sculptors take the same enthusiastic response from Beijing Olympic ideal initiated competitions in a short period of time, five continents, 84 countries and regions on the artists sent 1,433 works of art. 17 experts from the international jury for the primaries, which received 277 entries “design excellence” evaluation. To truly global scale, with the consent of all continents with the audience, the organization selected works of this road show. The exhibition in a public praise, arrived in Europe, Asia and the Americas in many cities. Display process, in accordance with the views of the audience, the number of these works has been reduced to 110. We can see that in the same Olympic theme, diverse work styles, different techniques, different perspective, rich imagination, the exhibition of China. The exhibition reflects all, the Olympic Games is not only sports, is among the peoples of the world a remarkable gathering and exchange, every four years it will in the world to update. From 110 different works, to the ultimate selection of the 29 most charismatic, the most deep and a fine. This figure is 29 to the 29th Olympic Games and fit. Rome public from today, on the invitation and in major cities around the world join the final selection, to decide the winning entries. 29 elected works will be produced into large sculptures stand in the Beijing streets and become an integral part of the Olympic landscape and the 2008 Beijing Olympics to commemorate the eternal.

Ms. Mancini thanked the Chinese embassy in Italy Dong Jin ambassador presence at the opening ceremony, thanked the Chinese embassy provided a tremendous cultural valuable support. Ms. Mancini emphasized that the absence of the Chinese residing in Italy’s special contribution to the society, in this road show to play the role of the exhibition also can be accomplished. Chinese organizations once again proved that they not only is a dynamic enterprise, but also a vibrant cultural groups. In particular, they further demonstrated their WWII, the establishment and maintenance of Sino-Italian cultural health, constructive dialogue. This is the main purpose of the exhibition.

The Chinese embassy in Italy Dong Jin in his speech, the ambassador said that he was pleased to attend the activities to the embassy and representatives of the organizers – Italy-China Friendship Association and guarantee the activities of the Italian Olympic Committee, the Italian environmental, economic, sports and other departments and the Post Office said. Dong said the ambassador, the Olympics of the 1.3 billion Chinese people’s dream of the International Olympic Committee to the Chinese people of this opportunity. Held at a high level, the characteristics of the Olympics is the Chinese government’s commitment and the expectations of all Chinese people.

Then, Ambassador Dong Beijing Olympic stadiums on the building, “One World, One Dream” is the theme of the Olympic Games, a 100-year history of the Olympic Games so that we break through the language and cultural differences, come together. Finally, he wished the exhibition a success.

2008 Olympic design invitation, deputy secretary general of the organizing committee Xi left side, right to organize Italy-China Friendship Association said.
She described the exhibits and the significance of this exhibition, she said that the exhibition of China and the world can become a platform for the exchange hopes it will further promote Sino-Italian friendship between the two peoples.

The Italian National Olympic Committee Secretary-General RAFFAELE PAGNOZZI, Italian sports minister and Mr. Grandi of Italy environmental, economic and sector officials have spoken for Italy-China Friendship Association organized the event. They said, sports and culture are inseparable, even in our Olympic Games together, and this is the Olympic spirit.

After the news conference, the Italian National Olympic Committee Secretary-General RAFFAELE PAGNOZZI, Chinese embassy in Italy Dong Jin ambassador, Italy-China Friendship Association President Mancini, the 2008 Olympic design invitation, deputy secretary general of the organizing committee, with the Italian left Xi various government departments in a 2008 Beijing officials Olympic Landscape Sculpture Exhibition opening reception.

The sculpture exhibition in the Italian Post Office issued the first day of the opening scene.

The Chinese embassy in Italy Dong Jin-yi, wife of Ambassador Sun Qin, cultural counselor at the embassy and Zhang Jian of the technology leadership, China Airlines general manager of the Rome business gui, CHINASERVICE S.R.L accounting firm manager LUIGI DI MAIO and representatives of the overseas Chinese community in Rome should the invitation to attend the news conference and the opening ceremony.


There are 3 Finalists from Italy

No.170 Simona de Lorenzo, Italy
‘Wushu’ in the Olympic Games

No.171 Dieci Fabrizio, Italy
Ring Cycle

No.B005 Nico Colle, Italy
Free Flying Words
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