“2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest” Designs Collection Announcement
In order to apply the construction of “People’s Olympics”, face the area of international sculptures, select the best Design of landscape sculptures, and propagate the spirit of Olympics, arouse the enthusiasm of the full participation of the public and international friends in Olympics through vivid artistic activities in progress and forms, the Organizing Committee of 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest now announce the collection of the Design as follows:
I. Name of the activity:

2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest

II. Hosted by: The Organizing Committee of Culture Festival for 2008 Olympic Games

Organized by: The Organizing Committee of 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest

(Consisted by China Artists Association Sculptures Art Committee and Beijing Jin Tai Art Museum)

III. Aim and Principles:

Fulfill the layout of People’s Olympics, propagate the spirit of Olympics, cooperate with Olympics to spread Chinese traditional culture facing the world and the achievement of modern constructions promote the progress of partaking in fine art, fully develop and economically use the resources of landscape art in Olympic constructions, beautify the environment, popularize the ability of appreciating beauty, create harmonious atmosphere, and accumulate ?¡ãHuman Cultural Heritage?¡À in the future for the XXIX Olympic Games.

IV. Character:

Culture activity with the theme of People’s Olympics

V. Relation with other Olympic activities:

Subjected to an activity of importance with a single theme in organizations of the XXIX Olympic Culture Series. It is one compound content in Olympic activity series.

VI. Qualification of Participation:

People all over the world who have civil rights, approve and support the spirit and principles of Olympics, and are willing to provide art initiations to the XXIX Olympic Games for free. Mainly refer to professional sculptors.

VII. Rights and Details (referring to the Rules of the Contest)

VIII. Schedule:

1. The deadline for the first round of works collection: 24.00, 1 December 2005;

2. The period of the evaluation and selection of the selected works: 2 December to 10 December 2005;

3. The deadline for the perfection, modification and producing of the selected works: 1 May 2006;

4. The exhibitions in cities of China (every 3 cities in the same round): 15 May 2006 to 1 November 2006;

5. The international exhibitions after the evaluation and selection of excellent works: 1 December 2006 to 1 June 2007;

6. During the time between October and December of 2007, the selection of gold, silver and bronze awarded works will be completed. The awarding ceremony, activity report and the international theme study conference will be held. The ceremony of recommendation and transferring of the awarded works will be held;

7. From June 2007 to April 2008 will be the time to end the activity (including the final environment adjustment for application of the recommended works, supervision, guide and the protection of the copyright of the authors.).

IX. Tips for Creation:

This contest encourages the variety in style and form, and the theme should be around the Olympic connotation, represented as follows:

A. Spirit of Olympics;

B. Olympic Merit Columniation;

C. Olympic and Peace;

D. Physical Culture of Chinese Saints;

E. Olympics in China;

F. Olympic Heroes and Champions;

G. Olympic Games Series or one of them;

H. Other main transporting nodes, large construction space and public environment for cities like Beijing, or elegant small environment, like non-titled landscape sculptures representing spirit of People’s Olympic in grass land, gardens, bank districts, campuses and communities.

X. To attract original designs from world-known sculptors, we’ll invite several representative famous sculptors around the world besides the participating works to take part in this activity (about 10% of the selected works, special works will be selected additionally at the same time, and enjoy corresponding special treatment).

XI. Appraisal regulations will be announced after the discussion of all the members in Evaluating Committee. The evaluation and censoring will be notarized if necessary to host.

XII. Contact special for the Organizing Committee of this contest is as follows:

Information Inquiry: Official website for BOCOG: http://www.beijing2008.com

Fax and Phone Number:

Inquiry In-bound: (86-10) 65068370

Inquiry Abroad: (86-10) 65019441

Works Abroad Submitting Address:

Postcode: 100026

In The West Gate Of Chao Yang Park, No.1 Nongzhannanlu RD., Jin > Tai Art Museum, Chao Yang District, BeiJing, P. R. China

Works In-bound Submitting Address:

Postcode: 100007

606, Floor 6 of Wenlian Hotel, No. 10, Nongzhanguan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

China Artists Association Sculptures Art Committee

Email Address of Executive Office of BOCOG: