An Olympic-themed cultural activity three years in the making, the search for this exhibition’s Olympic sculpture pieces officially began on August 8, 2005. By March 1, 2006, the organizing committee for the sculpture contest had received 2,450 submissions from artists in 82 countries. The wide-ranging designs creatively expressed the Olympic spirit and Olympic concepts in the form of high-caliber sports sculptures.

The collection of works were narrowed down to 386 pieces/groups by a committee of 17 experts from China, English, Germany, Russia, Italy, Australia, the United States, Korea and other countries from March 7-8, 2006. From the 386 sculpture pieces/groups, the final 290 Olympic landscape sculpture pieces/groups for the exhibition were finally selected.

For PHOTOS of each design, click here to see the fully gallery on site hosted by

There are 20 Pages of Photos with 15 photos on each page.  Select page number and thumbnails at bottom.

 For listing of Artist Names and their Designs, see FINALISTS AND PHOTOS Post at right. 

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